MP Hair Makeup

Thank you Bryn Mawr!

Our first real week in business was really fun. We saw a lot of our clients and whole bunch of new clients. Owning my own business is so exciting, but exhausting too. Thank you for all the great wishes and we are really excited to be open in Bryn Mawr, PA. There are really great […]

Halo Couture Layered Hair Extensions at Koukla

Koukla Blow Dry and Beauty Bar now offers HALOCOUTURE Layered Halo® Extensions! Uniquely designed and unlike any product available, each piece has 2-3 built-in, gradual layers, giving the most natural style with minimal effort. Each piece creates beautiful, flowing layers that allows short hair to blend into long in an instant! Each Layered Halo® Extension […]

Hair & makeup is my drive

Maria Papadopoulos attended Jean Madeline Aveda institute and got her certificate in Cosmetology in 2005. She later traveled to London to learn from the very best Vidal Sassoon where she was taught Creative cutting & color techniques, that haven’t been used or applied yet in the US. Maria still shares and uses those techniques today, […]